Singin’ in the Rain

There have been lots of spells of summer rain lately. We don’t let that keep us from evening walks, though–Central Park is calm and incredibly fragrant in the rain. Now, I just need a pair of galoshes to keep my feet dry! I was thinking about getting some of the classic Hunter boots…any suggestions for which color? XO.

Abigail Grace Georgia

“It’s the most beautiful dress in the world, besides the other dresses made by me,” says Andrea, who hand-crafted the garment in this stunning photo. It was an occasion for celebration, since Abby was gradutating! With a 4.0! As class president! If you look closely at the photo of the graduating class below, you can see that it’s Abby at the podium, delivering a speech.


Lexie made a 4-layer vanilla cake with Italian meringue buttercream frosting. The layers had mascarpone cream and raspberry sauce, topped with dark chocolate ganache and fresh rasperberries. YUM!

Andrea says that the only thing that would have made these photos more good looking would have been if Bogdan were here. We miss you, Burgerdang!

A Night at the Apollo

I had been waiting to post the pictures from our night out out at the Apollo concert until Bogdan downloaded and formatted some videos he took, but things got too hectic with his graduation and trip to Berlin, so you’re stuck with these crappy pictures I took with my iPhone! Like I told you guys the day after the concert, it was truly amazing. It was so exciting to be there with Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman and Quincy Jones, not to mention the people who performed like Macy Grey and Elvis Costello, among others. The music sounded phenomenal–I think Bogdan and I both agreed it was one of the most fun concerts we’ve ever been, too (the only one that rivals it in recent history was seeing the Brian Jonestown Massacre at Webster Hall!)

Graduation Festivities

We’ve been in fine form celebrating Bogdan’s graduation from Columbia this past Wednesday. Or should I say Master Bogdan’s graduation? We both got extra time off of work and school to commemorate the occasion and it has been grand. I am SO PROUD of that guy–he has worked so hard at school and work and been an amazing partner to this harried, discombobulated medical student. Clap! Clap! Clap!

We went all over this crazy city and I’m sharing a few pictures from our jaunt(s). One of our first stops was to the Evolution Store in SoHo, where Bogdan picked out this amazing ring for me. Whaddya guys think? They also had little starfish, and tiny beetles and scorpions, as well.

After wandering around Chinatown Bogdan decided that what he most wanted to eat to celebrate was a Whopper from Burger King. So a Whopper, fries and coke he done eated. We also found an amazing coffee shop on Crosby Street that was started by a Californian, with a very relaxed West Coast vibe. Can you guys tell we’re jonesing for home?

We also got to eat one mean Vietnamese steak sandwich on recommendation from one of our good pals here in NYC (who is leaving next week to start residency! Boohoo!). It was juicy, and crunchy and spicy and toasted. YUM!

Some rascal opened up one of the fire hydrants while we were walking around and the fire department had to come to close it up again. Felt like one of the classic New York moments.

Now Master Bogdan is off to Berlin, Krakow and Nuremberg! Auf wiedersehen, Schatzie!


I bought Bogdan a basketball for our seven year (SEVEN YEAR!!) anniversary earlier this month, and we’ve been going to the park to play ball after work a lot. Bogdan says he threw so many bricks he could have built a house, whatever that means.

I really love some of the plant displays put out around our neighborhood recently–isn’t this gorgeous? I’d love to make an indoor version of this for our apartment, but I can barely keep any of my plants alive as it is.


Now onto kitchen stuff, my favorite. Did you guys know double yolked eggs bring good luck! How many times have you guys found one while cooking or baking? This is probably only my second time, so I’m excited to see what the next month brings.


We made the most tasty fennel salad from the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook. It is light and summery and super flavorful–with parsley, lemon juice, parmesan and fennel bulb and fronds. That lady is a little magician in the kitchen!


Meet Elmer, the owl. We decided Gerald needed a little bit of company because he’s home alone so often. Elmer is a ginger grater that we found at a little market over the weekend. Ain’t he cute?

Hope you guys are having a great Saturday! Love you! XO!

Jeweler Extraordinaire

Abby sent us two of her extraordinary bracelet hemp creations, and we have been wearing them all over town. People kept staring at me as I pranced along and at first I was sure it was the blinding beauty of my emerald bracelet. Then I realized that my skirt kept flying up and exposing me to one and all. It was especially distressing when my skirt tried to kidnap a gentleman sitting in a sidewalk cafe having his dinner. Anyhow, I digress. Abby, like all of my sisters, has quite the knack for gift giving (Remember how Abs arranged the anniversary dinner? And remember Andrea’s wooden goose gift who now keeps Gerald, our goose lamp, company? And how Lexie, the master gift giver, mailed her decadent lemon cheesecake?) All that to say thanks for thinking of us Abs! Bogdan sends a less hearty thanks. You know why.

Zippidy Doo Dah!

Purchasing bikes was the best decision we made after moving to NYC. Seeing this city from bridges, on side streets and back alleys, through tiny little pockets of neighborhoods you would otherwise never experience–well, it’s delightful. Plus, the fun of zipping along on a sunny, beautiful day is pure joy. HG Wells said, “Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.” I agree, especially when I’m the adult I see on the bicycle.







We biked over to an outdoor food market in Brooklyn where I got the best shaved ice ever. See that big block of ice in front of the girl? She takes a little tool and actually shaves off layers into a cup, and then tops it off with a flavor. They had plum and rhubarb, and I got the rhubarb.




This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was the cutest flower shop/nursery I had ever seen and I wanted you guys to see it. Someday I shall have a little detached garage that has a doorway like that. Yes. Yes, I shall.






We ended our day long bicycling tour at a coffee shop that reminded us of being back in Seattle. Lexie, what was that place you used to study at up on Capitol Hill close to your apartment where I would come meet you sometimes? It felt kind of like that. It was nice. Plus, we played checkers and I won, and how could there have been a better end to such a perfect day?




Cicer arietinum

I have fallen IN LOVE with the “Bean, Tuna and Onion Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing” recipe I found on the back of my dried garbanzo beans bag. I am posting this recipe so that I have access to it in perpetuity, since I will inevitably eventually lose the hard copy. It would be quite foolish of you not to try this recipe at least once. Quite foolish, indeed!

Instructions for making the beans:
Cover one cup of dried garbanzo beans with 4 cups of water and soak overnight. Rinse again and cover with water. Boil for 3 minutes. Simmer covered 60-90 minutes until tender. This will yield two cups.

Throw together the following in a big bowl:
1 6 oz. can of tuna, drained
the juice of 1 lemon
2 cups of garbanzo beans, cooked (see above)
chopped cherry tomatoes
1 small bunch of scallions chopped
half a bundle of parsley, chopped

1/4 cup 0% fat greek yogurt
3 Tbsp mayo
Grated lemon peel

Mix it all together and have a tastebud dance party.


Bogdan and I haven’t really eaten donuts since leaving Seattle, since we knew that no place could come close to the magic of Top Pot Donuts. We were wrong. Out walking in Brooklyn one day, we happened across Dough, a donut shop that sells treats that are soft and pillowy, incredibly flavorful but not too sweet. Check out the crazy flavors: hibiscus, lemon poppyseed (my favorite!), lemon meringue, Dulce de Leche, blood orange with candied orange slices, and toasted coconut with slivered almond. YUM! 20130512-220020.jpg




And speaking of nuts, I tried my hand at making almond milk later that day. We bought a big bin of almonds and soaked one cup in cold water overnight. The next morning (before class!) I blended the nuts up with four cups of water and strained it through a cheese cloth. It was foamy and delicious! I think adding a little bit of honey, vanilla and cinnamon would make for a really yummy treat, too.


I think we’ll be making this raw, organic milk substitute more often–it’s high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and (obviously) has no animal fat. What do you guys think, will you try making it?

Pretty pretty!

Two years ago Bogdan and I biked up the Hudson river to the little red lighthouse that sits under the George Washington bridge. We were totally amazed by the magnitude of that bridge (click HERE to see the pictures from that trip). Last weekend we decided to finish what we started and biked across the bridge into New Jersey. It was a beautiful trip, and so fun to get out of the concrete jungle for awhile! By the way, if you were an architect, would you want to build bridges or sky-scrapers? I’d want to do bridges–I’m always in awe of them, and they seem almost magical somehow.



P.S. Abby, we haven’t forgotten about photos with your bracelets. XOXO.